Vision Statement

The Vision of Fontaine Baptist Church

Our Mission is to glorify God by raising up disciples through the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8).

By the will of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit, we will strive to accomplish our Mission through 3 interconnected commitments:

All-Encompassing Worship in our souls and in our lives

Passionate love and glorification of God will be born in our souls by the Holy Spirit and will resonate outward into the lives that we live. These passions will find expression in our daily lives as well as in our communal worship experience.

Spirit-led Edification in ourselves and in our church

As we seek to become more and more like Jesus Christ, we will strive to devote ourselves to faithful Bible study and prayer, both as individuals and as a unified body. We will work to strengthen one another through the various ministries of the church so that together we can better attain the maturity to which our Lord calls us.

Strategy-driven Evangelism in our neighborhoods and in our world

Our love for God’s glory motivates us to spread the Gospel, locally and globally. We will strive to spread the Gospel locally through personal evangelism, strategic community outreach, deliberate acts of love and regular public proclamation, in addition to the spiritual, financial and personal support of other local ministries. We will strive to spread the Gospel globally through the spiritual, financial and personal support of foreign missions. To better accomplish these goals, we will also engage in strategic partnerships with like-minded churches and associations.